Winterhaven Woods

The Winterhaven Woods is a verdant area south of the Glacier Peaks Region. Though known for cold, persistent winters, the place is home to a variety of small towns and villages that use the surrounding forest for food and for trade, including Letham. The largest town in the region, Winterhaven is named after the region.

The region itself is known to have a large degree of dimensional flux between the Feywild and the Shadowfell, due to its location as a staging ground for the Elf War over 5,000 years ago. When the elf race split into three here, the repercussions echoed through the region. Elves in the region, known sometimes as “wood elves,” often lay waste to the larger establishments, resenting any permenant encroachment on their territory. The forest is also known to house Eladrin enclaves (often located on the Feywild, but making frequent worldfall to the mortal world), and, reportedly Drow regions.

Perhaps because of the planar fluctuations, the place is home to Douven Stahl and his Akademy of Spirits AKA: The School for the Soulless.

Major Settlements in the Winterhaven Woods

Winterhaven Woods

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