Dragon Knights

The Dragon Knights are an organization of mortals loyal to the Dragon Alliance. They are the police officers and enforces of the Glacier Peaks Region, and their pact with dragons allows them to channel several dragon-like powers, at least in their upper ranks.

The members of the Dragon Knights believe that the Dragon Alliance is not inherently a bad thing and, if people would just obey the few simple rules that the Alliance has put down, the mortals and the dragons could work to a very successful society. Much of this remains untested, because even fairly neutral townsfolk view the Dragon Knights as sell-outs and heavy-handed representatives of a leadership they didn’t ask for and don’t really want (even if they’re not openly rebelling).

The Dragon Knights have a very effective communication system, and they are not above extreme vengeance. Many who have harassed the order have been punished by having their entire family killed by a dragon, and then being tortured to death by a Knight as public entertainment, relief from the torture only coming when the victim confesses that they have been dealt with justly: that they deserved all of their punishments. “Relief,” of course, means death.

That said, that is an extreme of their punishment, for those who attack the Knights themselves. Most meet the knights on comparatively gentle terms: having their profits requisitioned after misleading taxes, or having their hands cut off for getting in a public fight—harsh, but not quite as twisted.

Dragon Knights

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