Dragon Alliance

The Dragon Alliance is an accord between dragons of all types made about 50 years ago. Most details about the alliance remain very sketchy to mortal peoples: the dragons generally don’t discuss such topics. What is clear, from a mortal perspective, is that the Alliance arrived suddenly, and organized all of the Glacier Peaks Region under their scaly talons. They have since been known for being brutally unforgiving in their leadership, dominating the settlements of the Glacier Peaks intractably, often enforcing the death penalty for minor infractions, and generally causing a lot of unhappiness in the mortals, who feel mostly powerless to resist.

The alliance reportedly houses dragons of all types, from the avaricious red to the noble gold, and many in between. An alliance like this is unprecedented in history, as until this alliance, dragons were competitive and selfish, even the noble ones trouble to deal with, but all of them loners.

The Coldrock rebellion cemented an organized insurgency against Dragon rulership in the region. Led by a young girl, Rose, and organized by a genius warforged general, Kazch, the rebellion managed to carve out a town for itself in the southeast reaches of the Glacier Peaks.

The alliance rules from Pale Hood, the tallest mountain in the region, and uses Dragontown (at Pale Hood’s base) as an administrative headquarters.

Dragon Alliance

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