Session 4 (Postscript)

DM: Jared

Characters: Ruby Tyr Alhazred

The foursome, minus Heysotan, began exploring the Keep. They met a troupe of goblins, and slayed them, taking refuge for the night in the palace.

Alhazred leaves to pursue a sudden theory of his.

Session 3 (Postscript)

DM: Jared

Characters: Alhazred Tyr Ruby Heysotan

The group went to the location Ninaran specified, and found a troupe of kobolds there, which they exterminated. No view of the cult, though the leader of the kobolds mentioned “Kalarel,” and the group found that the kobolds were in this man’s employ.

Session 2 (Postscript)

DM: Jared

Characters: Alhazred Heysotan Ruby Tyr

The foursome found their mentor bound in a pit outside of town, and freed him. Hearing about the cult of Orcus in Winterhaven, they resolved to end it. They ignored Lord Padraig’s urgent insistence of Kobold trouble, but took up Ninaran’s recommendation of a cult location near a waterfall outside of town.

Session 1 (Postscript)

[Jared DM] Characters: Heysotan (“Driftwood”): Warforged fighter Tyr: Warforged cleric Ruby: Half-elf warlock Alhazred: Genasi swordmage

The foursome’s mentor, Douven Stahl, went missing. They came to the Winterhaven region to find him, and met with some kobolds, and the ruler of Winterhaven, Lord Padraig.

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